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The AdTube Press Release


New Delhi, India – May 18, 2010 – The Thrid Network officially announces the launch of the first review platform for advertisements on the internet - Not given much regard, the truth is that advertisements are a major part of most mediums of entertainment, communication, and even leisure.

Described by the Chief-editor Naveen Kumar, The AdTube is “is made up of a bunch of big, fat, pot-bellied guys, gulping down liters of soda while indulging their bored psyches to the 30-second time spots of ‘Hungry Kya!’ and ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai.’ At The AdTube, we don’t care about the soaps, Rakhi Sawant or the budget. We care about killing our (and your) time as effectively as possible engrossed in the colourful world of advertisements.”

With the idea of creating an intricate network primarily meant to function in subject areas left either uncharted or beyond immediate consumption, The Thrid Network brings a perspective to the online ecosystem which is more about association than information.

Using minds and method to explore usage trends and patterns, the network is set to transform into an “experiential-associative medium” geared towards knowledge presented primarily to incite interaction and promote subjects of mass interest previously restricted to small fragmented groups.

Visit the The AdTube for detailed critical and pop reviews of your favorite, and generally irritating, advertisements on television. The Thrid Network is proud to enter a new subject area, while staying true to it’s founding concept of promoting and encouraging niches.


Ankur Chauhan

Operations In-charge, The AdTube

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