The Thrid Network is currently looking for young, enthusiastic people which the below mentioned interests:

  • Writing: Do you have the ability string words together to form coherent sentences? If yes, then you have a lot more to learn. We aren’t looking for writers, we need minds who can churn out unique perspectives, views, reviews, opinions on issues, current, national, international and sometimes, even thoroughly out of most contexts. Now, can you write? If yes, then contact us on and we’ll love to open up our platforms for a little bit of you.
  • Social Media Enthusiast: 1000+ friends on Facebook and 10,000+ followers on Twitter? Wow, we’re impressed. But that isn’t enough. Do yo understand how you got those numbers? Can you get your community to follow your suggestions and support your choices? If yes, mail away on and include “ssocial” in the subject line so we don’t mark you as spam.
  • Social Media Expert: Can you actively promote, participate and ignite discussions across online social mediums? Can you write a mean write-up about the current tidings infecting, affecting and governing social media and networking platforms? Are you a regular reader of Mashable and does Technorati incite a roller-coaster trip past the 7 sins? If yes, we first salute you, then hug you, following which knock you over the head and get you to mail us at
  • Bloggers: Are you a blogger with enough attitude, spunk and potential to make us want to visit your blog more than once? Simple enough, mail us on with your blog address in the subject line and we’ll have a looksie and get back to you provided we don’t doze off.

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