The Thrid Network is at its core an inter and intra-connected grid of subject areas previously restricted to limited groups of people in a fragmented organizational structure. Understanding the inherent shortcomings of the representation of knowledge, and its consumption on the internet, this new-wave media network works tirelessly in establishing knowledge centers where the control and consumption is open for a wider audience.

The Thrid Network is a comprised of groups of people indulging their interests in a vast array of niche subject areas. Instigated from the fundamental understanding of the niche, The Thrid Network works to establish the concept of the “micro-niche” where the parent subject isn’t necessarily restricted to a few primary levels of categorization.

Having established a diverse network of content strategists and data analysts consistently assisting teams of expert content developers, The Thrid Network has taken it upon itself to venture in the generation of new-wave new-media content and knowledge.

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