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New Delhi, India – May 16, 2010 – The Thrid Network with the launch of aims to bridge a gap between the Indian youth and the the greater good of Indian society. Initiated by a group of passionate individuals setting out to change India as we know it today, IndiaStand is a community of like-minded individuals working to ensure you get your voice heard.

Noticing the absence of a platform to empower the youth to express themselves, their opinion, and their voice, Indiastand is your platform for all news, issues and debates raging in the Indian subcontinent.

With the idea of creating an intricate network primarily meant to function in subject areas left either uncharted or beyond immediate consumption, The Thrid Network brings a perspective to the online ecosystem which is more about association than information.

Using minds and method to explore usage trends and patterns, the network is set to transform into an “experiential-associative medium” geared towards knowledge presented primarily to incite interaction and promote subjects of mass interest previously restricted to small fragmented groups.

We at IndiaStand, aren’t naive to disregard criticism, nor are we arrogant while accepting our fallacies. IndiaStand exists to enable you, your opinion, your voice. Visit for India’s first ,and quintessential, debating platform on issues affecting India today.


Ankur Chauhan

Operations In-charge, Indiastand

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