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New Delhi, India – March 12, 2010 – The Thrid Network officially launched operations with the release of www.ipltracker.com meant to coincide with the third season of Indian Premier League(IPL). IPL Tracker is an online magazine with news, updates, gossip and glamor stories presented with with humor exclusive to The Thrid Network.

Noticing the dearth of information on online and offline, IPL Tracker is aimed to provide a more holistic perspective of Indian cricket, which is believed to be a religion in the country.

With the idea of creating an intricate network primarily meant to function in subject areas left either uncharted or beyond immediate consumption, The Thrid Network brings a perspective to the online ecosystem which is more about association than information.

Using minds and method to explore usage trends and patterns, the network is set to transform into an “experiential-associative medium” geared towards knowledge presented primarily to incite interaction and promote subjects of mass interest previously restricted to small fragmented groups.

The website is a satirical and sarcastic take on the ongoing national phenomenon of 20-20 cricket, and has a group of experienced writers ranging from cricket fanatics to dispassionate couch potatoes. The nation’s proclivity to glamor and gossip, and it’s slightly disconcerting obsession with cricket is taken into regard by the website, where the pitch is set to unveil the dirty side of the league with reverence.

Along with information about live scores and current standings, the IPL Tracker aims to take amusing  stands on a subject that is more contentious than Indian politics. Visit www.ipltracker.com for exclusive takes on the national obsession.


Supreeth Sudhakaran

Content Manager, IPL Tracker


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